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Twisted Hemp Flowers

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Twisted Hemp Flowers


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Twisted CBD Hemp Flowers w/ Terpenes Contains CBD, CBDa, CBGa Under .3% DELTA 9 THC Sativa = Energy Indica = Chill Hybrid = In the middle 3.5g & 7g available

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Green Crack (sativa) 7g, Grape Ape (indica) 7g, Bubblegum (indica) 7g, Golden Goat (hybrid) 7g, Blueberry (hybrid) 7g, Orange Cookies (hybrid) 7g, Lemon Diesel (sativa) 7g, Green Crack (sativa) 3.5g, Grape Ape (indica) 3.5g, Bubblegum (indica) 3.5g, Golden Goat (hybrid) 3.5g, Blueberry (hybrid) 3.5g, Orange Cookies (hybrid) 3.5g, Lemon Diesel (sativa) 3.5g, Maui Wowie (Sativa) 7g, Maui Wowie (Sativa) 3.5g, Pineapple Punch (hybrid) 7g, Pineapple Punch (hybrid) 3.5g, Purple Urkle (indica) 7g, Purple Urkle (indica) 3.5g

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